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Na du sack!!!
schreib ma auch was über mich du affe!!!
coole HP!!!

Merle (Email ) 19.12.06 19:42

"that girl" is very sorry about doing
such things to you!!!
hope you will forget this shit sooner or later!

that girl ( -/- ) 25.11.06 18:57

So ik jtezt och....fidns ehct cool ma üebr jdeen wat zu sheicrben, wie du dnkest und was du dbaei eupfmdenn hsat!! Aslo ehct gtue Iede!! Rin GEHAUEN Euer Jochen

Jochen ( / Website ) 21.11.06 21:05

jo homes nice page! you wanna say me that takin drugs is not good for me?^^
remember the time you did it self!:D

Ok Peaze to Mstaaaaaaaaa and alle his homes!
speacial peace to banan: I´m happy about the LAN on saturday!!!
Just drinkin beer and smokin some shit!


BauA KmF Rec0rtZ (Email / Website ) 21.11.06 21:04

hmm kacka ^^

Dronor (Email ) 21.11.06 19:43

( . )( . )-> o.O

( -/- ) 21.11.06 19:41

zwoter, eigentlich ja erster... weil das is billig in seine eigenes Guestbook einzutagen... :P

Erwin ( -/- ) 21.11.06 19:39