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Menschenskinder, wo is die scheiss Zeit geblieben?? Wir schreiben jetzt das Jahr 2008 und die letzten Einträge hier sind vom November 2006! Ihr glaubt garnicht was in der Zeit alles passiert is, junge junge. Werd alles noch nachtragen und so, macht euch nich ins Hemd.

Freut euch drauf!
(P.s.: jetzt mal auf Deutsch..)

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Now something about myself!

Internet Career:

My father asked me in december 1999 if I want a new graphics card or DSL. Till this time I watched and read much about it. I was really interested in DSL. I told my father "ye of course I want DSL!" Our provider was a bit lazy at this time (dont wanna write the name..advertise and stuff u know?) so I finally get my first Digital Subscriber Line in 2000. First I was just surfin round watched movies and stuff. In 2000 I was 10 years old. I loved watchin animes. I searched for it in the Internet and i found some nice designed pages. So I was really interested in designing. So I just started it! My first pictures were very bad...but I met some really good designing people in my genre. I practiced every day as much as I could do. Finally I became a great designer and the ppl were knowing me. Later I joined silentanime (www.silentanime.de) one of the best pages for anime informations. It has got a great design and a fuckin crazy admin named Hiroschi. We both designed great arts.
He was the best designer I ever know. Now he is on a academy for designing arts...very cool!

After my designing actions I started playing the ego-shooter Command and Conquer Renegade online. I had much fun at playin it. One time I played I found a player named RFD|Bleilawine+++ ... I chatted with him and had a great time playin with him. Finally he recruited me with a rush to the enemys base :D This dude is followin me my whole Internet Life...like now! My time as designer ended here...after a half year or more. Skyeye (Bleilawine) told me that I have to try Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. I tested it and couldnt stop playin it. In 2003 a game named "Call of Duty" was released. This game was the best game I ever had played! I couldn't stop. I opened my own clan named "Noob clan of Laming Idiots (ncOli)". I met there a few very cool dudes. The one I later met in real-life was w!xXer (Stephan). He is a really cool guy from Rostock After my cod time I started to play Counterstrike 1.6. Stephan followed and we were just fucking good!:D This was the time where he visited me. But after this meeting our friendship broke into pieces...it wasn't the same like before he visited me. But we still keep writing with msn. So here we go. Next to my Counterstrike career I played a few times CoD1. I really rocked! One day I met a guy named "Gewaltakustik". He recruited me to his CoD1.1 clan although there was 1.5 out. The clan was named Wehrbund 81. I met really cool ppl there like manuel, udo, alex, nico ... . But I finally returned back to Counterstrike. Then one time call of duty 2 was released. I get this game really fast and played it like a nerd. I loved it and its new graphics, effects and so on. I started to play it online and returned to my old clan Wehrbund 81 they started playing Call of Duty 2 too. We were a funny gang and had really funny times. Alex (the leader) recruited more and more dudes. So we created 2 Squads and I was leader of Squad 2. The first Squad thought that they were the big pro's and stuff...we almost hated them for it. But not really just too much jealous u know. Alex told me that Squad 2 has to get their own Gameserver. We found a nice advertise and reacted as fast as we could. Now we had an own gameserver, homepage and teamspeak server. Alex told our organizator that he wants to kick us outta Wehrbund81. I accepted it and so we get kicked off. We searched a name for the clan ... so the name turned to AERODROME. I thought it was a pretty cool name. I still was the leader of the pack. We had much fun and won some hard wars in call of duty 2. Then it happened...I was getting bad in sql and my mother banned me from playing computer. I was without computer for almost 2 months! I gave the management work to my clan dude lord...It was a crazy time without my machine. Sometimes I used the computer of my father so I was still in contact to my mates. After I returned I kicked a member named mxR...I thought it was an pretty cool guy but he laughed and joked and screamed the whole day in teamspeak. My other mates dont wanted him longer. So I kicked him. We won more and more wars and finally we reached place 11 in ger 5on5 search and destroy. Then I closed the whole clan...We were too bad! But before I closed the clan weve made a clanmeeting at my home. We drank a lot of beer and smoked and so on..So I trained my skills in cod2 alone. I was getting better and better. I found some new teams and cool guys but nothing had worked for long time. The teams broke really fast...Then I dont wanted to search anymore. I started playing World of Warcraft with Julius (Banane).
But WoW is a fuckin nerd game u waste too much time in it! So I returned to CoD2 and Iam training to get better again!

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So here we go again.
Just some links from my friends.

Jochen's blog

Konstanze's page

Erwin's page

France's page

Höhne's page

Cruise round :>

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So that are my dudes.
I just want to show ya my best friends not every person I know.
So lets do it in a chronological order!

1. Erwin [Norman S. K.] first met on 1995
Know this dude since Iam 3 or 4 years old or something like this. NO it was not 1993 or 1994 i asked him and he told me that it was 1995 so i know him since Iam 5 years old!
I met him the first time in the level before elementary sql ... dunno the english word for it atm. Erwin changed his outfit and style completely from the 7th grade. I don't know we all changed a bit. But thats life ;P

2. Banane [Julius F.] first met on 2002(?)
I met this dude for the first time in the 7th grade. Ive gone to a new sql and this was one from my first home boys. But what I didn't know was that I met his mum years before in the elementary sql. His mum is teacher at my old sql! Well lets turn back to him. He's known as 'banane', 'dronor (at world of warcraft)' and 'JdS (Julius die Schwuppe)'. Iam chillin almost every weekend with him and I meet him every day in sql. He is a World of Warcraft freakjes ^_^

3. Jochen [Christoph H.] first met on 2002(?)
Met this dude for the first time in the 7th grade too. Hes a real sportsman and a chiller. He loves beer and wants every time free beer! In the 8th grade we stopped our friendship because of a girl. I won't do this again...I ignored him for a fuckin whole sql year just because of that girl. Was the baddest thing in my life ever. But in our trip to england in the 9th grade we made a new friendship and now were homies again! Greetz

4. Baua [Tim K.] first met on 2002(?)
Met this crazy ape in the 7th grade for the first time. Hes a real homie. Chillin with me, chillin' on weed .. I really like him. But he changed in the 9th grade. He was gettin' a freak with his drugs I don't wanna say that he is a junk but .. its not really good for him u know. But I don't give a fuck because he is a good friend!

dont know more atm ... :>

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Welcome ² my blog

Welcome to my weblog.

I want to introduce myself on this page to give ya guys a look into my life. I had some portfolios before but a blog is just the smallest and easiest thing u can have, and it dont makes crap!

So look around and have fun, please visit my linked dudes too!

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