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So that are my dudes.
I just want to show ya my best friends not every person I know.
So lets do it in a chronological order!

1. Erwin [Norman S. K.] first met on 1995
Know this dude since Iam 3 or 4 years old or something like this. NO it was not 1993 or 1994 i asked him and he told me that it was 1995 so i know him since Iam 5 years old!
I met him the first time in the level before elementary sql ... dunno the english word for it atm. Erwin changed his outfit and style completely from the 7th grade. I don't know we all changed a bit. But thats life ;P

2. Banane [Julius F.] first met on 2002(?)
I met this dude for the first time in the 7th grade. Ive gone to a new sql and this was one from my first home boys. But what I didn't know was that I met his mum years before in the elementary sql. His mum is teacher at my old sql! Well lets turn back to him. He's known as 'banane', 'dronor (at world of warcraft)' and 'JdS (Julius die Schwuppe)'. Iam chillin almost every weekend with him and I meet him every day in sql. He is a World of Warcraft freakjes ^_^

3. Jochen [Christoph H.] first met on 2002(?)
Met this dude for the first time in the 7th grade too. Hes a real sportsman and a chiller. He loves beer and wants every time free beer! In the 8th grade we stopped our friendship because of a girl. I won't do this again...I ignored him for a fuckin whole sql year just because of that girl. Was the baddest thing in my life ever. But in our trip to england in the 9th grade we made a new friendship and now were homies again! Greetz

4. Baua [Tim K.] first met on 2002(?)
Met this crazy ape in the 7th grade for the first time. Hes a real homie. Chillin with me, chillin' on weed .. I really like him. But he changed in the 9th grade. He was gettin' a freak with his drugs I don't wanna say that he is a junk but .. its not really good for him u know. But I don't give a fuck because he is a good friend!

dont know more atm ... :>

21.11.06 18:09

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(21.11.06 19:38)
hah erster ihr neeeeeeeeeeeeerds =)

jo stimmt wohl ..............

greetz from the banana and julius ^^
->du bist cool

mstarrrrRRRRRRRRRrr / Website (21.11.06 19:40)
jaaaaarrrr :PP
ich habe einen kommentar...moment ma, jetz sinds scho 2 Oo

Onkel Joe (20.12.06 16:12)
Sei Geil
warum schreibst du alles in Englisch

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